Wanted Classic motorcycles…….The Good the Bad and the Ugly!


The Good…y Goody     The Bad….Boy    The Ugly….Yes that IS a supercharger!


We are interested in purchasing any marque of classic bike. We pay by business cheque or cash if requested, no messing, we collect!


We pay fair prices for the right bikes, but you will note from our sales list that we sell all our bikes at a reasonable price, we don’t ask extortionate prices, therefore we need you the seller to be reasonable and we can have a deal.



Especially wanted





*Tritons                            *Norvins                   *BSA Gold star           *BSA A10

*Pre unit & unit Triumphs    *All British motorcycles considered      




*Yamaha LC 350 Mk1

*Yamaha LC 350 YPVS Mk1

*Yamaha RD400






*Suzuki RG500

*Suzuki GS1000s

*Suzuki Katana 1100

*Suzuki GT 250-750





*Honda CB500/550/750 Fours

*Honda CB450 Black Bomber

*Honda  CBX1000 twin shock






*Kawasaki KH 500/750

*Kawasaki KR1

*Kawasaki Z1-900





*Ducati 888

*Ducati 750/900 Bevel twins




*Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1

*Lambretta GP200 (60’s)




*Laverda Montjuic

*Laverda Jota       




*Benelli 750/900 Six





*BMW R90s & R12




*Harley Davidson 45 & Early sportsters








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