*   Lambretta LI 150 Golden Special

*   Genuine Italian Innocenti

*   Giuliari seat

*   Disc braked

*   Continental k62's fitted with plenty of tread

*   Spare wheel with brand new k62 fitted

*   Genuine lucas rally lamps

*   New mot although now exempt

*   Lambretta club ceritifcate

*   Older restoration

*   Li 125 special engine fitted so can be ridden on l plates if wish

*   Note-
The 125cc version was introduced in october 1965, (mainly because of tax advantages in italy) and if anything was a more highly tuned version than the 150. Fitted with a 20mm carburettor, with again changes in barrel and piston similar to the 150, and also an increase in compression ratio, saw the 125 give a power output of 7.12bhp and a top speed of around 50 mph. Where the 125 version rated better than its 150cc brother was in acceleration due to low gear ratios used on this model.

*   Superb condition

*   1965


Priced at £4,995