Our Favorite Web Links


*  Mid Sussex British Motorcycle Club



*  If You want to ride a classic, but haven’t got around to passing you motorcycle test see these guys. The aptly named (for us) Norton Motorcycle Training.



*    The French Triton Club boys……..Thrash ‘em don’t stash ‘em. Say no more.


*   www.benelliclubgb.net/    The UK’s Benelli Owners club website. A great source of information for older machines.


*   www.crmc.co.uk/    The Classic Racing Motorcycle Club Website. How to start racing a classic.


*    These guys are crazy, they’re into the same stuff we are………we love ‘em.


*    www.motorcycle.co.uk/   UK online Motorcycle directory



*    http://www.ace-cafe-london.com/w.The website of the famous Ace Café London.

*    www.motoringart.weebly.com Stunning one off graphics from this guy, we like his work.

*     http://www.fbhvc.co.uk/legislation-and-fuels/fuel-information/ Links for finding petrol stations still selling leaded petrol.

*     www.sumpmagazine.com


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